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Student Life

SWU Student life is about meaningful learning experiences. It is about building relationships. It is about personal growth. It is about discipline and hard work. It is about self-expression. It is about empowerment and involvement. It is about discovery. It is about fun.

Student Life, through innovative co and extra-curricular activities and services, creates an inclusive and supportive environment that provides vibrant moments for students to explore opportunities, develop leadership, and demonstrate a strong sense of service. Thus, strengthening and reinforcing learning outcomes and empowering students to become the best that they can be.


Student Services

Student Handbook

Accident & Fire Insurance

Student Healthcare Plan

Affiliated Offices


SDH Singapore

B-School Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management’s partnership with SDH of Singapore for Hospitality program provides a promising launch pad for global opportunities in the world’s biggest industry.


Philippine Red Cross

Industry partnership with the Philippine National Red Cross provides hands-on experience to faculty mentors and students, an avenue for first-hand experience aligned to practice based learning for our future medical and healthcare professionals.



With our School of Design + Communication’s partnership with First Media Design School (FDMS), Senior High school students may opt to take a top-up year either here in the country or in Singapore for an advanced diploma in Design. This will give students an opportunity to get ahead of college.

Academic Organizations


The Society for the Advancement of Veterinary Education and Research or SAVER upholds its principles and ideas of Professionalism, Excellence, and Brotherhood (PEB). SAVER thrives for the Advancement of Veterinary Education and Research. 

Bonafide students of the CVM-SWU PHINMA and student clinicians currently enrolled in 
Clinics 1, 2, & 3.

The SWU-SOM Scholars’ Society is an organization of medical students who are scholars of the university, namely, Presidential Scholars, Chairman Scholars, The Best You Scholars and DOH Scholars. The Society may also accept voluntary membership of medical students who are LGU Scholars and Private Company Scholars.


An organization that debunks negative perceptions about mathematics. It solely focuses on the academic betterment of its members and the Senior High School students of the said department.


To open doors for leadership training, unite the different organizations in the B – School and promote general well being of the students.


Society of Young Hoteliers and Restaurateurs is an official school community organization operated by elected students of the same college course, Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management (BSHRM). 

Education copy

The Education Students Organization or EdSO is a student organization which provides opportunities for involvement, leadership and experiential learning that are crucial to the educational mission of the institution. In this organization, students join together in pursuit of common purpose, which is in support of the mission, goals, and core values of SWU PHINMA.

IT _ Engineering copy

CITE provides students with interest in engineering and information and communications technology a venue for knowledge and technical skills in fields of Information Technology, Civil Engineering, and Computer Engineering.

Law and Government

Society of Law Student – Southwestern University PHINMA – For the service of law students in Southwestern University.

Management _ Accountancy_JPMA copy

Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants – Southwestern University PHINMA Chapter is a nonprofit organization that aims to promote the value of learning, self worth and to protect the welfare and interest of Accountancy students.

Student Publication Organizations


The Quill is the official student publication of Southwestern University PHINMA. It promotes student empowerment, youth development and social transformation through information dissemination, opinion and open communication in addressing issues that confront the students of the university. 



Synapse Publication is the official newsletter of SWU PHINMA School of Medicine. Synapse Publication broadcasts all of the activities of the SOM and as well as provides an avenue wherein its members can express their talent in journalism.


“INKING ADVOCACIES, SOLIDIFYING THE TRUTH.”, The Maroon Ink (TMI), together with Ang Tintang Marun (ATM), is the Official Student Publication of Southwestern University PHINMA Senior High School.

Council Organizations


The highest governing body of the Senior High School Department.


SWU-SSG is the highest governing body of the students and is autonomous from the University Administration.


Dioptré is the official Student Body Organization of Southwestern University PHINMA – College of Optometry.


Unites all students in the School of Veterinary Medicine in the pursuit of educational upliftment. We vigilantly promote and protect the students’ rights and welfare, also to the realization of our constituents of the true condition of the veterinary society and instill in them a patriotic consciousness.


Southwestern University PHINMA Pre-Medicine Collegiate Council is the governing body of students from the specified college, which consists of Psychology and Biology majors.


The Dental Student Body represents the will, concern and sentiments of the dentistry students of Southwestern University.


College of Nursing-Student Body Organization is a student council youth organization whose main focus is upon providing activities, socialization, and giving proper order to student nurses.


The MTRT SBO is the official student council of the College of Medical and Radiologic Technology of Southwestern University PHINMA.


Medicine Student Council is an organization that promotes holistic growth of the student body of the School of Medicine and shall not only focus on helping the students achieve academic excellence but also hone their skills in different field


Student body organization of the College of Rehabilitative Sciences


The official student body organization of Southwestern University PHINMA School of Design + Communication (sd+c).


The student body council of psychology department that aids student concerns towards faculty. We adhere to help out students & alumni’s alike in helping them with their needs.


The B-school Collegiate Council is an organization conducted by transparent, determined and effective servant leaders. Its purpose is to give students an opportunity to develop leadership by organizing and carrying out school activities.

Service/Volunteerism/Religious Organizations


The organization was formed to give first-hand response to emergency situations concerning students of Southwestern University PHINMA, especially when they are not yet transferred to professional care. It is the official first aid team of SWU PHINMA.


AMSA – SeNoM is a group of medical students that aims to make medicine the key to understanding the real world through exposures and provision of different skills.


LUNAS serves as the voice of all student assistants. Serving with loyalty and dignity, and built to protect and unite them.


AMiCUS- SALTS is an organization of Seventh-day Adventist students studying in Southwestern University PHINMA

Special Interest Organizations


TSPC is a home for aspiring photographers of Southwestern University PHINMA that seek to unveil their artistic vision for photography.


The organization is composed of students under the college of Veterinary Medicine who share a common goal and vision to promote breed standards of different breeds of dogs and promote Animal Welfare and proper care for our beloved canine pets.


Provides supplemental classroom lectures and laboratory dissections to students about human anatomy.

Current News & Events

Current news & events

Students continue #TheBestYou journey with SWU PHINMA’s RAD (Remote and Distance) Learning


While distance education is not a new concept, it has come into widespread use in the Philippines in 2020 due to the coronavirus



Southwestern University (SWU)

save the date 2021 | Southwestern University - PHINMA

Start of RAD Learning Block 1 – Upperclassmen


  Announcing the start of the school calendar for Academic Year 2021-2022 for SWU PHINMA college students.

save the date 2021 | Southwestern University - PHINMA

General Orientation – Upper Classmen


General Orientation will be conducted online on July 2, 2021 (Upper Classmen) and August 2, 2021 (Freshmen) via the Student Life facebook community.

save the date 2021 | Southwestern University - PHINMA

Start of RAD Learning Block 1 – Freshmen


For Freshmen College students block 1 starts on August 5, 2021.

save the date 2021 | Southwestern University - PHINMA

General Orientation – Freshmen


General Orientation will be conducted online on July 2, 2021 (Upper Classmen) and August 2, 2021 (Freshmen) via the Student Life facebook community.

save the date 2021 | Southwestern University - PHINMA

Parent & Student Orientation – Senior High School


SWU PHINMA Senior High School Department announces the schedule of Parents & Students Orientation for Academic

Mundo Granate 2021


Relive the intensity.

BusinessNext 2022


  The BusinessNext Forum 2022 highlights

Cebu Creative and Communication Congress of the SD+C


  The School of Design and