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Students continue #TheBestYou journey with SWU PHINMA’s RAD (Remote and Distance) Learning

While distance education is not a new concept, it has come into widespread use in the Philippines in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Remote and Distance (RAD) Learning

Remote and Distance (RAD) Learning was first offered to Southwestern University PHINMA’s college students in the academic year 2020-2021. RAD Learning was adopted in order to allow students to continue their learning while following government health protocols regarding COVID-19. While RAD has the same concept as online learning, when instruction is done while teacher and student are physically separated from each other, it is not exactly identical.

RAD is 100% home learning. This is mostly ideal for students living outside of Cebu who wish to obtain a degree from Southwestern University PHINMA amidst the travel restrictions during these unprecedented times.

RAD makes use of printed learning materials such as textbooks and modules, which can be picked up at the SWU PHINMA campus by students living within the city and nearby municipalities. For those living far away from the city, other distribution methods can be arranged. Additional services are also given to students who enroll in SWU PHINMA’s RAD program, such as a monthly internet allocation.

Aside from certain laboratory subjects and those with internship and practicum activities, most subjects are offered under the RAD program. For Southwestern University students who need to take subjects that require hands-on skills and whose performances need to be validated by a teacher, these subjects will be made available as soon as government restrictions for physical classes are lifted.

RAD Learning follows a 4-block schedule. Each block has two subjects, although upper years may have three subjects per block. These two subjects will be taken four days a week (except Wednesdays) for four weeks, with an assessment at the end of each block. Once each student completes a block, a badge will be given to that student. Ideally, each student should complete at least eight subjects at the end of every semester.


Responses on RAD Learning

SWU PHIMA’s RAD Learning has received positive feedback from the students.

Nursing student Neizl Angeli Hortado, from Dalaguete, Cebu, recounts “Remote and Distance Learning enabled students like me to continue learning in the comfort of our homes.”

For Resha Soriano, who comes from Negros Oriental and is currently taking Hotel and Restaurant Management, RAD allowed her to be more optimistic in her studies. “The new set-up enables me to be optimistic in acquiring new knowledge,” she said.

For Deena Kelly of Bohol, who is working toward a degree in Veterinary Medicine, RAD was the turning point in her life. Deena explains “When the pandemic hit, I was struggling and in the verge of giving up. But I realized that quitting is not and will never be an option for me. The RAD Learning of SWU inspired me to work harder.”

“RAD Learning has its advantages and disadvantages. I have my fair share of difficulties, but I chose to embrace and deal with it, so I can continue my studies and pursue my dreams,” said Karl William Saavedra, A Business Administration student from Ormoc City.

Parents and teachers also have good things to say about the new learning modalities. For Florence Rumbaoa, a parent, RAD lessened her child’s life struggles and allowed her to enjoy doing schoolwork at home. College of Nursing Faculty member Anthony Joseph Mercado feels that through RAD, students are given the primary responsibility for their own learning, and allows them to realize the importance of the day’s lessons on their own. Similarly, SHS teacher Jason Tutor feels that his students are now more independent and have become more accountable for their learning activities.

RAD Learning for #TheBestYou

With Remote and Distance Learning, Southwestern University PHINMA has shown that learning need not be constrained by extraneous factors and restricted to school classrooms. Whatever the distance, students’ can continue with their learning journey towards becoming the best with SWU PHINMA’S Remote and Distance Learning.