Our Scholarship Programs


Hawak Kamay (HK) Scholarship is given to students who will qualify for the grant through passing the HK qualifying examination, conducted during pre – enrollment season of the specific school year.

List of passers will be released or announced in time of the early registration period.

HK Scholarship for Incoming College Freshmen will cover the entire duration of the student’s chosen college program.

Senior High School HK Scholarship gives student the opportunity to enjoy a certain discount during SHS years and an assured seat in college at SWU PHINMA, with HK Scholarship grant.


PHINMA Scholarship is a full grant given to students with exemplary academic performance. Student grantees are selected through a qualifying examination.

PHINMA Scholars will enjoy full scholarship for the entire duration of the college program, with required maintaining grade of 90.0. A monthly cash allowance is also provided for PHINMA Scholars.

SWU PHINMA Scholarship Programs

We believe that every student who dreams big and works hard can reach the height of his or her chosen profession. The SWU PHINMA Scholarship Programs for the School of Medicine provide the opportunity for students, regardless of income, to become distinguished through quality education and relevant exposure

SWU Phinma Chairman's Scholarship Program


1. Filipinos

2. Graduates a Pre-Med program

3. NMAT Passer


Candidates who successfully pass all the requirements and criteria will receive a Coverage of selected candidates’ NMAT fees and a 100% discount on tuition and miscellaneous fees, and a modest monthly allowance.

SWU Phinma Presidential Scholarship Program


1. Filipinos

2. Graduates of a Pre-Med program

3. NMAT Passer


Candidates who successfully pass all the requirements and criteria will be provided a 100% discount on tuition.


Within Reach Relationship | SWU - Phinma

Within Reach Scholarship

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 11/15/20 - 01/15/21

Within Reach is a scholarship grant given to internal Grade 12 students of SWU PHINMA. The grantee will enjoy scholarship grant for his/her college education in any of SWU PHINMA’s college programs.

The grant is valid until completion of the chosen college program. Scholarship grant will depend on the result of the student’s qualifying examination.

Student Athlete Scholarship | SWU - Phinma

Student-Athlete Scholarship

Open to all students who passed the selection process and are part of the final roster of student-athletes. Grantees will receive full tuition, miscellaneous fee coverage, lab fees and other charges.  

Other Scholarships & Grants

With Highest Honor Discount | SWU - Phinma

With Highest Honors Discount

Open to graduates of Elementary and Junior High School with the highest honor (top of the class). Grantees will receive 100% Tuition Fee Discount.

To apply, submit your Certification of Highest Honor and Study Load to the Student Life Office.

Persons with Disability | SWU - Phinma

Persons with Disability Discount (PWD Discount)

Open to any student with a certificate from either the Department of Health (DOH) or the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) as proof of condition. Grantees will receive 10% discount on tuition fee.

To apply, submit your DOH or DSWD certificate and study load to the Student Life Office.

Alumni Discount | SWU - Phinma

Alumni Discounts

Open to any SWU graduates of Grade 6, 10, and 12; any SWU alumni who want to take graduate studies in any non-medical program; a spouse and two children of a bona fide alumnus Southwestern University. Grantees will receive 10% tuition fee only.

To apply, present your SWU PHINMA Alumni ID and Study Load to the Alumni Office.

Build future possibilities with our scholarship programs!

With our scholarship offerings, students are given more opportunities to discover their full potential, utilize and nurture it as they continue the journey towards becoming the best that they can be.