Admissions and Enrollment

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Marketing Office of SWU - Phinma
STEP 1 - MARKETING Loc: Ground Floor, PHINMA Hall


Filling out student information form and screening of requirements.

Student Life | SWU - Phinma
STEP 2 - STUDENT LIFE Loc: 2nd Floor, Foodcourt Building

Student Life

Validation of scholarship grant.

Registrar Scaled
STEP 3 - REGISTRAR Loc: Ground Floor, PHINMA Hall


Validation/submission of admission requirements. 


Issuance of applicant’s number.

Finance Teller | Southwestern University - PHINMA
STEP 4 - FINANCE - TELLERLoc: Ground Floor, PHINMA Hall

Finance – Teller Pay downpayment.

Finance Scaled | Southwestern University - PHINMA
STEP 5 - FINANCE - AR STAFF Loc: Ground Floor, PHINMA Hall

Finance – AR Staff

Tagging of discount or scholarship.

ID-Picture-Taking | Southwestern University - PHINMA
STEP 6 - REGISTRAR, Loc: Ground Floor, PHINMA Hall;
COLLEGE, ITSD AND Rm. 211. 2nd Floor, PHINMA Hall;
BUSINESS CENTERGround Floor, Ma. Guerrero Building

Registrar Enlistment and printing of official registration form or study load.

College/Department Signing of college academic policy.

ITSD ID picture taking.

Business Center Uniform sizing.




Start of Enrollment

STEP - FINANCE Loc: Rm. 101, Building Name

Choose Southwestern University PHINMA

As an innovative Philippine business institution, PHINMA believes that access to quality education is the solution to many of our country’s problems. While the enrollment rate in the Philippines has always been high, PHINMA discovered that most students do not finish tertiary education. Students were willing to learn but did not have the resources to stay in school.

That is why in 2004, PHINMA Education was established.

PHINMA Education is making education accessible in key growth areas all over the country. It has transformed existing educational institutions to provide better academic, operational, and community support for all of its students. Through its efforts more students are able to earn college degrees and become globally competitive professionals.

The PHINMA Education Holdings, Inc. is now composed of nine secondary and tertiary educational institutions spread throughout the country.

icon-scholarship | Southwestern University - PHINMA

1 in 3 students have scholarships.

Students are provided with scholarship opportunities that will aid them in their learning journey. Internal (from the school) and external (from partner institutions) are made available for students to consider.
icon-graduates | Southwestern University - PHINMA

81% of graduates are employed within a year.

PHINMA students are assured of promising employment even before they graduate.
icon-success-rate | Southwestern University - PHINMA

80-100% success rate in licensure exams.

SWU PHINMA, through the years, continues to produce board topnotchers and passers. Average passing rate across all programs is at 80%. In the 2019 Nursing Board Licensure Exam, SWU PHINMA got 100% Passing Rate.
icon-students | Southwestern University - PHINMA

90,000 students are enrolled and thriving.

PHINMA Education, with its 9 schools, has 90 thousand students and growing.
icon-campus | Southwestern University - PHINMA

9 major campuses and counting.

PHINMA Education recently bought PHINMA Rizal College of Laguna, growing the network to 9 universities in the country and 1 school abroad.

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