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Ongoing enrollment for Incoming Freshmen College and SHS Grade 11 for the School Year 2021 – 2022


Onsite and online enrollment for incoming freshmen college and SHS Grade 11 for the School Year 2021 – 2022 is ongoing.

For onsite enrollment, students may go directly to the PHINMA Hall for the one – stop enrollment process. Health and safety protocols are strictly implemented inside the campus. All visitors must wear face mask and face shield at all times and to always mind the markings on the floors and walls for the physical distancing guide. Official transactions are done through the windows and areas provided for visitors.

Step 1 – Marketing Department
  • Filling out of Student Registration Form
  • Screening of Requirements
Step 2 – Registrar
  • Validation of admission requirements
  • Issuance of applicant’s temporary student number
Step 3 – Finance
  • Settlement of downpayment.
  • College – P2, 500.00
    • P1, 500.00 (with scholarship)
    • Senior High School – P1, 000.00

– P500.00 (with scholarship)

Step 4 – ITSD
  • Processing of student Identification Number



Online Enrollment Flow

For online enrollment, students may visit the link to fill out the necessary information for admission,

Payment can be done through accredited facilities and once payment is done, proof of payment can be uploaded through this link,

For questions and clarifications, please contact us through 0917 835 2881 or 0942 082 0539.