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School of Medicine

Doctor of Medicine (MD),

Doctor of Medicine (MD)

The Southwestern University School of Medicine curriculum employs a hybrid spiral curriculum wherein subjects are integrated into organ system blocks in the first two years. The curriculum design is programmed for key concepts to be repeatedly presented throughout the curriculum but with deepening layers of complexity or different applications. This integrated curriculum is delivered by […]

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School of Health & Allied Health Sciences

Master of Arts in Nursing major in Nursing Service Administration (MAN-NSA),

Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN) Major in Nursing Service Administration

The Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN) program is a 40-unit advanced nursing program designed to equip professional nurses for leadership and management roles and responsibility in nursing practice, education, and research with the capability to develop globally competitive nursing care delivery system.

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Business School (B-School)

Master in Business Administration (MBA),

Master in Business Administration (MBA)

Totally New Ecosystem. SWU PHINMA B-School MBA Program – the capstone of our professional management education offering – it accelerates the foundation work and the preparation process towards becoming a business leader and top management practitioner in local and global companies. Our global network of Executive Mentors play a strategically significant role in producing global […]

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School of Law & Government

Juris Doctor, Master in Public Administration (MPA),

Juris Doctor

SWU PHINMA offers a four-year program leading to the degree of Juris Doctor. SWU PHINMA projects a paradigm shift through cutting off an old notion that legal knowledge and practice is jurisdictional, that is, limited to one’s territory and country. By paradigm shift, we mean that legal knowledge and practice is borderless. The program is […]

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Master in Public Administration (MPA)

Studying public administration at the graduate level at Southwestern University introduces students to the business aspects of managing government programs, offices, and employees at every level. Classes cover a range of knowledge and skills from good governance, public finance, leadership, urban planning, policy making, economic development, environmental policy and other key areas in public administration. […]

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Veterinary Medicine Course | Southwestern University - PHINMA


Our VetMed program provides learners the skills, values, & compassion needed to succeed in the veterinary health practice by integrating practical medical knowledge and exposure with entrepreneurial and managerial skills training.

Business Course | Southwestern University - PHINMA


B-School uses a non-traditional, experiential program focused on using multi-disciplinary case studies and project management to train learners to become future management professionals. At SWU B-School, we shape young men and women to reimagine business.