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Basic Education Program

Southwestern University PHINMA Basic Education shifted to a STEM-based curriculum in 2018 in the strong belief that it is the best way to develop the 8 Cs – critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, collaboration, computational thinking, choice, connectedness and character – skills necessary to succeed in the future.

[email protected] is designed for independent learning where tasks are developmentally sequenced needing minimal adult supervision. The students’ primary responsibilities are: (1) accomplishing learning tasks, and (2) consultation with teachers through various media (text, call, messenger, email).

Another important feature of SWU PHINMA STEM Basic Education is Chess time which has been made an integral component of the school’s co-curricular activities during pre-COVID times and will continue at home using various apps. Chess time will now become part of the students’ [email protected] routine. Chess at SWU Basic Education is promoted not only as a sport but as an approach towards developing the students’ strategic thinking, focus and discipline.