Arts and Design Track (sd+c SHS)

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Arts and Design Track (sd+c SHS)

sd+c’s Senior High School Arts and Design aims to develop design leaders.

Students in this program are prepared to:
1. Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the principles of traditional drawing and painting, multimedia and web design, photography, videography, animation and basics of entrepreneurship.
2. Develop effective human-centric and relevant design solutions
3. Communicate and collaborate with local and international professionals, clients and users.

This is done through a problem-based curriculum and by providing intensive training on creative and technical skills, communication and presentation skills, storytelling and design thinking, and opportunities for work immersions.

The sd+c SHS program offers two specializations:
1. The Graphic Design Strand hones creative leaders in the field of advertising, marketing and web design.
2. The Multimedia Strand prepares skilled animators, videographers and filmmakers.

Both strands are part of an international Advanced Diploma Program from our Singapore-based partner, First Media Design School (FMDS).

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